The Missing Time

the missing time

is here again

replacing the softness of your kiss

a cold wind blows

through hollow nights

without the warmth of your caress

autumn descends

but summer lingers on some days

i keep missing

your sweet voice and everything


oh to dream again

all the love that i could ever feel

one hundred thousand petals have grown heavy

when the rain begins they start their journey


in my dream of you

all the joy that i could ever feel

yesterday the motion had no meaning

yesterday the seasons were careening


summer rain is falling

Bring on the Night

do you know what i'm thinking about

does my love come through

in the evening when the daylight fades

and grey fills in the blue

do you know what's inside of my heart

does it ring out true

when people start hurrying home

after the day is through

bring on the night

'cause i can't wait to be in your arms again

where i can stay with that feeling

that feeling for a while

when chilly weather blows in

my heart goes to under southern skies

where days were easier and nights were warm

What Makes Love Stay

what makes love stay

what keeps two hearts as one

what keeps the doubt at by

i don't know

what brings the gentle dawn

into a sky so dark and cold

filling morning with her song

i don't know

what makes a memory

refuse to stop its haunting

and living inside a conjured love

i don't know

what keeps a dream's desire

unchanging through the years

and what drives a seeking heart

i don't know

Whispering Words

darling, don't make me wait

for the waiting makes my heart break

whispering words

slowly, as steals the night

senses breathing

lift and take flight

whispering words

when you come

midnight flowers

time is still

and time is ours

In Spring

one bad season

does not make a year

i am sorry dear

maybe love will come around in spring

time goes slow

and time goes fast

living in the past

and wondering what the future holds

when two hearts meet

and the fire is strong

nothing can keep them from embracing

when two hearts love

and the love is all wrong

nothing can keep them from their fall

do you remember the days when we first met

long easy times in the summer sun

soft gentle air as the light began to fade

and the sound of the cicades in the trees

the sound of the rain

is too much to bear

with winter in the air

maybe love will come around in spring

Baby Did You Think That Love Could Find a Way

living in a world of confusion

are we winning or are we losing

i just can't tell

'til i look back and see

outside the wind is blowing

the gentle trees around are growing

i love that sound

every day i think about you and me

wondering if

you think about the future and what do you see

the days go by and the nights trail on in a row

and we only have this moment to live

i know

baby did you think that love could find a way

baby did you think our love could find a way

I Remember

my dear

it's been so long

i can barely recall

the words to your song

but the sound and the melody

vibrate all around me

and i feel your touch again and i remember

i remember

the world is big and far

a million miles away

from where you are

but we all have a dream to find

and the searching must never end

no the searching must never end

and i remember

i see your face in a place that we've never been

you reach for me slowly as the world outside falls in

that's a memory

i've always known

the last time

i held you near

you whispered soft and low

to have no fear

for time and space have wings

and they'll bring us together again

and our songs will ring as one

and i remember


a distant rumble in the sky

a big plane passing by

coming and going and moving around

i stopped here for a while to listen to the sound

i stopped here for a while to feel the ground

but now i'm missing everything i lost before i found that

maybe this is as much sense as life will ever make

beneath a white november moon

a tiny crescent in a deep blue

cutting stark patterns through twisted trees

i walked a long time through fallen leaves

i tried to talk to you if only in my mind

looking for an answer or anything that i could find

The Beauty in the Emptying

please lift this worry from my face

and help me find the quiet voice

the stillness that the end can bring

the beauty in the emptying

long long ago this love was new

it filled all my days and filled my nights

but then my world it grew so small

and so i have to go away

one single strand of tiny lights

reflecting upon these walls so white

i'm throwing it all away to find

the beauty in the emptying

all songs by jenifer jackson copyright 2011


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