Slowly Bright

1. Slowly Bright

When black gives in to violet the sky begins to sing again

the waves upon the sand I hear bring about a breeze so light

I couldn't sleep at all tonight so I get to see the dawn

shadows blue and very low beautiful and slowly bright

I think I love you darling but I can't live in this moment

I'm a product of the past you know

and I worry about the future

Melancoly in my heart when I

took a trip with you

I took it very far away

and lost my lonely grip that day

I want to feel you always close

I step away to find the view

perspective's just a distant light

and nighttime always leaves me blue

then black gives in to violet the sky begins to sing again

again again the waves and sea

beautiful and slowly bright

2. Whole Wide World

every word in my head is old and used

how can i sing a song that's new

in this whole wide world i want you to calm me down

in this whole wide world i want you

every day ends with the setting sun

every night my dreams are all the same


we've got alot of things that we could try

come on make it happen baby

everything in this life has it's time

i hope you will take up alot of mine

3. I'll Be Back Soon

you think that you can put me down

using words to knock me down

find my weakness then make me cry

don't worry, i'll be back soon

you think that you're the only one

who's got a dream under the sun

and all the planets revolve around your thumb

don't worry, i'll be back soon

and when there's only one breath left in the air

will you swallow it alone

or will you hunt me down so we can share

a final kiss

inside my air-tight memory

lies every word you said to me

you can't remember what i can't forget

but don't worry, i'll be back soon

4. So Hard To Believe

he's got alot of light in his eyes

lately he's shining it all on me

night falls his hands are my lullaby

he knows how to pull me down to sleep

but days keep marking time

and time keeps marking days

and these days i keep wondering

why it's so hard to believe

why it's so hard to believe

spring is here the sun is high

the birds are singing all around

there's hope and happiness in the air

he's got alot of love in his heart

never a worry on his mind

night falls his hands are my lullaby

he knows everything's gonna work out fine

5. When You Looked at Me

I looked down

through the bottom

of my glass

and i saw the reflection of a face

you used to see when you looked at me

i looked down

through my window

from my bed

and remembered the skyline down below

down below when you looked at me

from the rooftop

empty bottle

when the phone rings

you are calling

didn't mean to

hurt you badly

but leaves are falling sadly

i looked up

from a letter

and the summer

had suddenly faded into fall

like your face when you looked at me

i looked down

through the bottom

of my glass

and i saw the reflection of a face

you used to see when you looked at me

6. Anything Can Happen

anythiing can happen

that's what makes me sad

the thought that we

might just be

intersecting momentarily

your voice is warm and quiet

though you're far away

it seems to me

that destiny

is strange and twisted

like an old cliche

one hundred little actions

all make up my day

and usually

each two or three

i stop and wish that you were here with me

anything can happen

that goes for good things too

so i'll keep in mind

these lonesome times

are part of missing you

7. Burned Down Summer

life is resilliant when it fills up

fills up forgetting everything

it shines so glorious from high above

like a string of diamonds in the sea

I burned down summer to the ground

I burned down everything I had

'til the smoke rose all around

with no more room in my big brain for this

I burned down summer

Life is persistant when it's empty

Empty when the bottom falls away

With too much happiness you go under

And sink like diamonds in the sea

8. Darkness

looking down on everything from this altitude

i can see for miles it's vast and free and blue

the words that left your body echo like a drum

silence is a shadow now I'd like to get me some

darkness darkness i know you'll shine again if you make the climb

you could weave a melody play it out with ease

you found your perfect audience and brought me to my knees

but everything is quite now everything is changed

everything you gave to me i'll give it back again


when time has worked its magic ways

and everything that's broken flies away

I'll look up at the evening sky

and I'll smile again

9. Look Down

silver skies are turning black again

tv's light the windows across the way

and your voice is ringing in my ears

why'd you go so far away this time my dear

remember look down...

I'd like to follow to the place you've gone off to

'cause I know your eyes can see from where you are

and your mind is bright again and free

you can see all of these candles burning

remember look down...

you're a photograph, a memory

a dream a dream a dream don't wake me

I know you said one day you'd fly

with no regrets and no goodbye

red red blood is the color that I hold on to

keeping what we feel is real alive

later on when the precious moments fly

I'll remember the light once shining in your eyes

10. Yesterday My Heart Was Free

the city sky is cold today

early winter morning

clouds of smoke are dancing

from the chimneys on the rooftops

one bird flies a plane goes by

everyone's asleep i think of you

yesterday my heart was free now you've filled it up for me

my cat sits by the window

the radiator hisses

sunday morning's quiet

in this temporary home

somewhere far away the sun is burning up the sand i think of you


11. Dream

this time last winter i was looking in your eyes

i told you never then i choked you with your lies

i told you never but i cannot let you die

you're only sleeping

we made alot of plans all beautiful and green

we made alot of plans that fell down just like rain

all our discussions i still don't know what they mean

you're only sleeping

dream dream dream close your eyes

one perfect touch will take you there

dream dream dream you will find

that when you wake up there'll be endless sky

outside the window the horizon's very small

one shakey promise keeps my faith so bold and blind

sometimes it's easy to forget that all the time

you're only sleeping

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