Things I meant to tell you

Amber light in a shadowy room

Dusty shapes that feel like home

Photographs. Curios. Things I meant to tell you

The road of life with all its turns

Coming home after wandering

Something deep in the soul

A song that keeps repeating

Things I long to hear

Things I long to say

Show them in another way

The first bird

The first bird of morning

Sings before the dawn

Breaking up the darkness with her beautiful song

I wait for you I wait for you

Her melody is simple

True and very strong

Guiding the daybreak with her beautiful song

I wait for you I wait for you

Wake up wake up love Devine

Wake up wake up and free a worried mind

The gentle light of morning

The softness of the air

You said just look for me and I’ll be there

I wait for you…..


Back Home

I took a trip far away from all the things I know

Set out in the darkness all alone

The wind it blew so cold

Chilled me to my soul

And I wondered if I

D ever get back home

I took a trip far away from all I love to do

The silence nearly make me lose my mind

Well the silence was so loud

Fell on me like a shroud

And I wondered if I’d ever get back home

I sing to my good friends on high

The ones who came to look for me and call my name

The kindness that you showed me

The love that you bestowed on me

Help me find my way back home

Travelled together

I remember the first time we met

Or the second sometimes I forget

Anyhow I’m so glad for the time we travelled together

A world full of beauty to see

We could be who we wanted to be

So we flew ever higher never worrying about

Where we landed

Last night in a dream

I picked up the phone and called you and you answered me

Your voice

Was different and far away

I could tell you had gone from my life

On to another place another place

Sultry memory

Once I had a friend

A natural friend the way two people come together

We would laugh and sing and time was like a feather that floated silently never touching down

We set out in the world

I can’t begin to count the miles that we travelled

The horizons and the daybreaks that we marveled

Always found a melody

Seasons turn and and people change

What was easy becomes strong

Still the world keeps spinning round and round

Summer’s here again

I hunt for shadow till the southern night descends

Nighttime music brings him back to me again

In a sultry memory


Hey my friend

Tell me how you been

It’s been a little while I sure do miss your smile

Me I’m OK

Lots of change has come my way

I’m still looking for the sliver in this crazy cloud I’m living in


Though we’re far apart

Know you’re always in my heart

You never know what life will bring

We might just sing together again

When all the grey skies are gone

Written in a stone

Do you think that anything can stand the test of time

Do you think that two can stay aligned like a rhyme

Lately I’m so far away and feel so all alone

My love for you is written in a stone

Do you believe the things words that you use

Can you stand behind the ones that you choose

Do you pick the pretty ones when asked to respond

Is your love for me written in a stone

Is your love for me written in a stone


Here at the end of the sea and the land

The big moon paints a path along the sand

Things keep repeating as the changes come and go

My love for you……


What good's a memory

What good’s a memory if it only makes you blue

What goods remembering if it breaks your heart in two

Think about the fun times

The days of wine and sunshine

What goods a memory if it only makes you blue

Something you once said stays up in my head

Cuz no-one cracks me up the way you do

The years go rolling past

Time moves on so fast

But in my heart there’s still a place for you


A path down to the river’s edge

Stepping stones across a bridge

A wooden bench down in a shady grove

Guitars and the tunes we sang

Some kids who stopped there listening

They really tuned into the songs we love



Chorus + tag

Hail and Farewell

Dearly beloved

I’m grateful to you

For surrounding my lifetime

With friendship so true

It is so pleasing

Pleasing to know

That the hope for the future

Is in the love that you sow

Be kind to your neighbor

Hear what they say

Give a smile to a stranger

It might just make their day. Anyway

In closing

With the toll of the bell

May the force be with you

Hail and farewell

all songs by jenifer jackson copyright 2019


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