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Pen to Paper

When twilight falls again

and stars fall down upon my heavy heart

and i wonder as i write

when will life start

when night throws shadows on the day

i ride across the town to hear some music play

it makes no difference where i go

or what it is i do

my thoughts keep coming right around to you

so i’ll put pen to paper

write an old fashioned letter

what i’ve been thinking

and some questions in my mind

i’ll order one more whiskey

let the words flow freely

what i want tell ya i’ll tell ya clearly

i guess we know each other well

but i wonder if it’s plain for you to tell

that to be close to you and really feel you hear

is what my heart is wanting dear

river road

take me down to river road

back where i come from

when the light is getting low

tell me all the sweet things we will find

oh time and places run together

and i will meet you any place or any time

take me down to river road

shape the memories of my mind

days go slow on river road

life’s a long road yet to ride

sunlight dawns on a brand new day

then shines up just like stones on the river side

thoughts and feelings run together

but i can feel you all the time

take me down to river road

shape the memories of my mind

Nothing Like Gravity

Time flies away

but you can make it stay

if you hold it in a memory

the night we spun round and round

with nothing like gravity holding us down

i close my eyes

to see you on the inside

and to feel you hold me so close under the stars

again again again

the words fall from pen

recollecting a time that never will stray very far

Sabor a Mi

Tanto tiempo disfrutamos de este amor

nuestras almas se acercaron tanto  así

que yo guardo tu sabor

pero tú llevas también

sabor a mí.

Si negaras mi presencia en tu vivir

bastaría conabrazarte y conversar

tanta vida yo te dí

que por fuerza tienes ya

sabor a mí.

No pretendo ser tu dueño

no soy nada yo no tengo vanidad

de mi vida doy lo bueno

soy tan pobre, qu'otra cosa puedo dar.

Pasarán mas de milaños, muchos mas

yo no sé si tenga amor la eternidad

pero allá, talcomo aquí

en la boca llevarás

sabor a mí.

Only in Dreams

The other night I fell into the most beautiful dream

Dreamland is my favorite place where time stands still and free

Summertime was heavy when our love began to be

And everything was new for you and me

Only in dreams only in dreams

Just what it seems

Only in dreams

We walked along the rooftops of that tired town

made a wish and toasted as the sun went down

then the moon turned everything a thousand shades of blue

and later on you told me when your wish came true

Close your eyes take my hand and we fly

Close your eyes take my hand into the night

into a dream

Love Me Best

The way your eyes shine

when they meet mine

the way our laughter

rings out to song

i know it won’t be long

until you realize that you love me best

the weight of your hand on my shoulder

makes my life feel younger and older than i am

the touch of your hand

soon you’ll realize that you love me best

this feeling is strong though it all happened a long time ago

i still feel everything i was feeling

on that cold night

far from home

with a heavy heart

then you smiled my way

an my heart lifted

like a bird to the sky


you’re clouding up my mind

you’re keeping me

so heavy and high


when evening surrounds

with a thousand perfumes

and a never ending sound

i ought to come down

but i want to stay up high

floating on a cloud

with the velvet waves below


when you say my name

my heart begins to flutter

like a bird inside my brain


with all the things you know

and all that you inspire

i love you so

Cloud Ten

Cloud Ten is so sublime

much higher than cloud nine

holding you in the atmosphere’s


I was way down on cloud one

not having a lick of fun

then you two stepped up and you took me

to cloud two

cloud three and four

and cloud five flew on past

something about your smile keeps lifting me higher and higher

while we were on cloud six

we got all our kicks

being with you sure feels a lot like heaven

cloud seven was good  for me

and i sure hope you agree

oh baby i agree and to me

i know cloud eight was great

cloud ten is so sublime

Como Fue

Cómo fue

No sé decirte cómo fue

No sé explicarme qué pasó

Pero de ti me enamoré

Fue una luz

Que iluminó todo mi ser

Tu risa como un manantial

Regó mi vida de inquietud

Fueron tus ojos o tu boca

Fueron tus manos o tu voz

Fue a lo mejor la impaciencia

De tanto esperar tu llegada

Más no sé

No sé decirte cómo fue

No sé explicarme qué pasó

Pero de ti me enamoré

Mother Nature


keeps keepin us apart

monday night the empty bar was quiet

i was bored and feelin rather tired

just before i paid the barman and turned my head to go

i heard your sweet sweet voice and my blood began to flow


keeps keepin us apart

all the ways your love leads me to your heart

winding roads won’t always let us choose

Mother Nature will win and Destiny will loose

then you walked me to the parking lot outside

out to my car beneath the flickering street light

when you took my hand in your hand

the light burned out above

slowly i kissed the lips of the one i think the world of


Just before the dusk fell along the muddy trail

i walked out at the end of winter green

a cold wind from the northwest

blew in across the plains

and carried all those clouds far far away

when does it all begin

when are you really in

not just standing on the outside writing poetry

when does it all begin

when are you really in

not just standing on the outside wondering

the last time that i saw you

we drank some real good win

you told me you were still in love with me

but your life’s got you all tied down

and my life’s here in Texas now

and so i’ll pass the time imagining